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We use our RVQ grill every time we are out camping. We find it easy and simple. With four of us we find it works great... The convenience of it just makes it that much nicer. We have done everything from hot dogs to hamburgers to chicken and a tri-tip roast.
Christine Shubin,
Santa Fe Springs, CA

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FAQs about the RVQ II Portable RV Grill

1. Warranty Notice:

Russell Products, Inc. will honor all warranties and customer concerns; but, ONLY for RVQ II grills sold either directly or indirectly through our distributors.

However, Russell Products, Inc. believes in absolute customer satisfaction and perhaps we will be able to assist you with your concern.

Please call us toll free at 1.800.545.5620 and we will be pleased to assist you in any way we can.

2. Is the RVQ II Portable Grill compatible with the original RVQ?

Yes, the RVQ II Grill fits on the same extrusion and works off the same gas valve as the original RVQ grill. So, if you have the RVQ grill and order the RVQ II, your parts will fit.

3. Can I hook my gas grill that I purchased at Lowes, etc. (Char-Broil, Weber, Coleman, etc.) to the gas line on my RV?

No, gas grills such as Char-broil, Coleman, and Weber brands use hi-pressure valves. RV gas lines are plumbed for low-pressure.

The RVQ II uses a special converter so that you can use it with your on-board gas on your Recreational Vehicle. We also offer a hook-up that allows you to use a propane tank if you want to take your RVQ II on a trip without your RV.

4. Can I hook my RVQ II Grill up to the 1 lb propane bottles to make it more portable?

You can hook your RVQ II up to the 1lb screw-on bottles. We also have a hose kit that allows you to use the 20 and 30 lb bottles.

So, you are free to take your RVQ II grill with you when you don't drive your RV. Or, in between trips, you can hook it up to your deck. We offer the metal extrusion bars as a separate part so your grill can be set up for home use in seconds.

5. Is it safe to use the portable RVQ II Grill under the awning of my RV?

The RVQ II Grill is an enclosed grill so there is never any flare up. Almost no heat can be felt around the sides or on the lid of the RVQ II when the lid is shut. The RVQ II rests comfortably on the mounting bracket a safe distance out from the side of your RV and can be used without worry under your RV's awning.

6. How do I contact someone at RVQ Grill?

If you need to speak with someone about the RVQ Grill, please call 800.545.5620 or CLICK HERE and fill out our simple form.

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